Why should I purchase a Hike RV Caravans?

The Hike RV Caravans is the caravan for you if you want to start something right away that is filled with all the options you can imagine!

What situations do Hike RV Caravans perform best?

The caravans are tailored for all individual needs and have a layout perfect for families or couples! There aren’t many boxes this caravan doesn’t check with the option of touring models and offroad models! 

Are Hike RV Caravans built in Australia?

All Hike RV Caravans are manufactured in Victoria, Australia, using high-quality materials and equipment.

Is there a warranty on the Hike RV Caravans?

It has a two-year factory warranty 

What is the strength of Hike RV Caravans' structures?

Our caravans are constructed from Australian Meranti Timber, which is resilient and strong. This is well-finished and sealed, allowing for movement and flex while you travel. The fact that this hardwood is comparatively light, sturdy, and flexible makes it a preferred option and is chosen by Australian manufacturers.