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Ample Space

Our Australian-made caravans are well-balanced in terms of living and storage capacity. While travelling on and off-road, space can be effectively utilised.

Wider Space & Bedding

Our caravans frequently hold up to a queen-sized bed and have extra floor room for maximum comfort. Additionally, if you are touring with your family, several camper styles have space for one or more bunk beds.

Quick Attachment & Detachment

With our caravans, most things are already set up for you, so there’s no need to pull out tables, make beds, and put everything back up when you are finished.

All Weather Protection

Unlike conventional camper trailers, our caravans have hard roofs and walls to protect you from the elements.

Off-Road Capabilities

Our affordable caravans in Campbellfied, designed exclusively for off-road use, allow you to go to more places than camper trailers or conventional on-road caravans.

Lighter than a Caravan

Compared to conventional caravans, Hike RVs are lighter, facilitating towing, parking, and travel.

Our Models

Wild Drifter

Introducing the Wild Drifter, a lavish 20.6-FT touring caravan designed to provide abundant space for a luxurious and enjoyable touring experience.

trek & trail

Grand Rover

The 21-ft Grand Rover family van is a genuinely luxurious caravan that sets itself apart with remarkable features not commonly found in other models.


Grand Rover ATRV

The Grand Rover ATRV is a 21-ft family caravan, perfect for adventurous families. It features off-road suspension and luxurious amenities for a comfortable and thrilling experience.



The Hike RV Tanzanite caravan is a superb and expansive option tailored to accommodate families in utmost luxury and ample space.


Atom 172 Off Grid

The Atom 172 Off Grid is a rugged and adaptable off-road caravan designed for those seeking to explore remote locations with durability and versatility in mind.


Welcome to Hike RV Caravans!

The company makes every component of the build in its outstanding Campbellfield facility, giving them the unique selling proposition of being possible to manufacture the highest-quality component while keeping prices reasonable. Hike RV Caravans takes pride in its ability to pay attention to and discover what prospective caravan customers desire or envisage in a contemporary caravan. Hike RV Caravans has accomplished this by continuously enhancing its building procedure and staying current with cutting-edge building techniques.



We offer 2 years of manufacturers’ warranty on any model you choose.



Explore our range of caravan models that are ready to customise.



All our custom-built caravan models are the best in quality.



We are an experienced custom caravan builder situated in Campbellfield.


Why should I purchase a Hike RV Caravans?

The Hike RV Caravans is the caravan for you if you want to start something right away that is filled with all the options you can imagine!

What situations do Hike RV Caravans perform best?

The caravans are tailored for all individual needs and have a layout perfect for families or couples! There aren’t many boxes this caravan doesn’t check with the option of touring models and offroad models!

Are Hike RV Caravans built in Australia?

All Hike RV Caravans are manufactured in Victoria, Australia, using high-quality materials and equipment.

Is there a warranty on the Hike RV Caravans?

It has a two-year factory warranty 

What is the strength of Hike RV Caravans' structures?

Our caravans are constructed from Australian Meranti Timber, which is resilient and strong. This is well-finished and sealed, allowing for movement and flex while you travel. The fact that this hardwood is comparatively light, sturdy, and flexible makes it a preferred option and is chosen by Australian manufacturers. 

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